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How Common Ground Tutors Can Help Your School

Our virtual tutoring programs provide K-12 students with personalized, small group tutoring. Our certified teachers and tutors focus on closing the learning gap, boosting test scores, and helping students get into college..

A Proven Way To Boost K-12 Test Scores

Boost your students’ test scores, school ratings, and graduation rates with Common Ground Tutors’ tutoring programs. A meta-analysis of tutoring interventions from the last few decades found that “on average, tutoring increased achievement by roughly an additional 3 to 15 months of learning across grade levels.”

Certified Teachers

We have a diverse group of 100+ tutors and education professionals in our network, including:

  • Certified Teachers
  • Retired Teachers

Our tutors are skilled at creating a safe learning space, uplifting student spirits, and closing the learning gap.

All tutors are from the United States, have passed background checks, and are well-versed in our unique teaching methodology.

Standards-Aligned Intervention

Our tutoring programs are custom-designed so that they're aligned to your school’s curriculum and goals. This ensures that we’re supporting your teachers and helping students by reinforcing what’s taught at school.

Data-Driven Outcomes Based Learning

Pre-tests, post-tests, and daily quizzes ensure that students are learning in alignment with your school’s curriculum
and state standards.

Frequent Tutoring Sessions

Research shows that frequent, consistent tutoring is a key determinant in improving student learning and test scores. In our high dosage tutoring program, students meet at least 3 times a week for an average of 45 minutes each session. Sessions are scheduled during the school day to maximize student attendance and engagement. For other programs (SAT/ACT prep and college admissions counseling), tutoring sessions are held after school, on weekends, and during breaks to accommodate student schedules. 

Personal Attention

Personal attention from a tutor is key to helping students learn, as most students feel lost in a large classroom of 20 to 30 students. With Common Ground Tutors, students are grouped by skill level into small cohorts and get the personal attention they need in order to succeed academically.

Same Tutor Throughout The Year

Students learn best when they develop a long-term relationship with a tutor who knows them well, cares for them, and gives them the personal attention they need. This is key to academic achievement, as well as social-emotional learning.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." -Aristotle


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Common Ground Tutors works with schools, districts, and charter schools throughout the nation to help close the learning gap. Schedule a discovery call with our team to learn how we can meet the unique needs of your school community.