About Us

Our Mission

Common Ground Tutors is a service of Ivy League Potential LLC, which has been providing world class tutoring and educational services since 2011, helping K-12 students live up to their fullest potential.

We have over 100+ educators in our network, ready to help students close the learning gap, boost test scores, and develop social-emotional skills.

We are a minority and woman-owned business with a whole-child educational philosophy dedicated to helping students grow in “Success, Wisdom, and Happiness”.

Our Tutors

Our world-class tutors include certified and retired teachers, as well as highly accomplished tutors from top universities in the US. They are well-versed in social-emotional learning, positive psychology, and a whole child educational philosophy.

“Warm our hearts, O sun, and give Light that we may daily live. Growing as we ought to be, true and good, strong and free.”

"We must create a climate where people agree that human beings are more alike than unalike. The only way to do that is through education." [Maya Angelou]

Our Founder

Sonia Lal, M. Ed., is a former Harvard admissions interviewer and former elementary school teacher. Her vision for Common Ground Tutors is to create a space for children to experience deep and meaningful relationships with their tutors. Through such relationships, education can be healing and rejuvenating. She graduated from Harvard University cum laude with a B.A. in Social Anthropology and completed coursework at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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